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  • Our Thoughts on The Root Cause
    Commentary from "The Root Cause" Read more
  • Cavities and Sealants
      How do we know if you need a Sealant or a Filling?     We used the DIAGNOdent!   The DIAGNODENT uses laser fluorescence to help with early detection of decay that allows for minimally invasive dentistry Read more
  • Why We Need To Floss
    Brushing alone only cleans about 65% of the tooth’s surface, which is the outer part, leaving about 35%, which is the part that is in between the teeth, untouched Read more
  • Gum Disease and Your Health
     Gum disease is a silent enemy to our health, the danger is in not treating it early enough!     Bleeding while flossing indicates the presence of under the gum ulcerated tissue! Read more
  • 7 ways to control bad breath (halitosis).... and keep your friends
     Bad breath plagues us all, but for many different reasons, read below to see how you can prevent bad breath from affecting your work and personal relationships! See your dentist at Read more
  • Why Do I Need to Have So Many Cleanings?
    Some of us need more attention in order to maintain stable oral health and keep the bacteria levels down. Most Insurance plans cover only 2 cleanings a year but it Read more
  • Benefits of Swishing with Hydrogen Peroxide
       The Smiler’s Weekly Tip    We all have that brown bottle tucked in one of our cabinets at home but did you know that right on the bottle, it says that it Read more
  • Oil Pulling Myths and Facts
    What Is Oil Pulling and Is It Effective?                The practice of oil pulling originates from Ayurvedic medicine by using sesame oil as a detoxification. In more recent years, coconut oil Read more

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