Metal-Free Dentistry

Metal Free and Holistic Dentistry in Roseville, CA

Dentistry is an ever-evolving field and becoming a metal-free office is what we have evolved into. We practice biomimetic dentistry, which allows us to use homeopathic materials that mimic our body chemistry and therefore, produce no irritation. Ceramic crowns and onlays (overlays) and resin fillings (known as composite, or “tooth-colored”) are the materials of choice for our patients When different metals are used in the mouth, oral galvanization occurs, which is the electrical current that is created when the metals react with saliva. Old, leaking or cracked amalgam fillings or crowns made from different metals are the main culprits for such a reaction. As the result, patients have reported a metallic taste in their mouth, ringing ears, headaches and gum irritation. 


Metal Free Dentistry in Roseville, CA


AFTER AMALGAM REMOVAL (note: not all decay has been removed yet): 

Metal Free Dentistry in Roseville, CA 


FINAL RESTORATION (Biocompatible Ceramic Onlay (E.max) milled by the Cerec Machine-Same Day Service!): 

Metal Free Dentistry in Roseville, CA



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