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Beautiful Smiles Dentistry Roseville CA Healthy Smile

Serving the smiles of Roseville and the surrounding communities for over 20 years.

What Sets Us Apart?

Beautiful Smiles Dentistry Roseville CA Healthy Smile
Wholistic Care

Wholistic-minded dentistry is being aware of whatever happens in your mouth can affect the rest of your body and visa versa.

Beautiful Smiles Dentistry Roseville CA Happy Family
Entire Family Care

From custom dentures to Invisalign teeth corrective  trays to regular cleanings our office has you and your family covered.

Beautiful Smiles Dentistry Roseville CA Smiling Woman
Same Day Crowns

No more waiting weeks for a crown to be made and dealing with temporaries. Get the smile you want in one visit!

Beautiful Smiles Dentistry Roseville CA Dr. Hana Rashid

Dr. Hana Rashid

B.S. Genetics - UC Davis, California

D.D.S. - University of The Pacific

Professional, Comfortable & Complete Dental Care

Beautiful Smiles Dentistry Roseville CA Dr. Ibtisam Rashid

Dr. Ibtisam Rashid

D.D.S. - University of Baghdad

Postgraduate Training - UCLA

What Our Patients Said

Our longtime patient, John, tells us why he still loves the care he receives after 16 years of coming to Gentle Smiles Dentistry,

CEREC Technology

Same Day Crowns Explained

Technology in dentistry has improved the way we deliver our dental care to our patients. The ability to mill crowns in our office with the Cerec mill and cement them the same day is extraordinary! It gives our patients not just the gift of time but the peace of mind knowing that they leave with a natural-looking permanent crown in one visit. No more dealing with temporary crowns that can fall out and waste patient's time by having to go back to the dentist to get it cemented back on. The longer a tooth is without a permanent crown, the more opportunity bacteria has to infect the tooth and compromise its longevity. Milled crowns are made with lithium disilicate ceramic, which is known for its strength and ability to mimic natural teeth. The crowns are then bonded, rather than cemented, to strengthen the underlying tooth.

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