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Same Day Crowns - Because Your Time Is Valuable

Save Time With Our Technology

Time is the most valuable commodity you have. Knowing this, we have invested in CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology because it allows us to make your crown in one visit. This saves you hours of appointment time and weeks at home waiting for your crowns to arrive back from a lab. Learn more about same day crowns by reading this post from Dr. Rashid.

See How We Create A Crown!

In this video you can see the entire process from the digital scan we take of your teeth to the milling and then final preparation of the crown to make it look natural and hold strong in your mouth.


Technology in dentistry has improved the way we deliver our dental care to our patients. The ability to mill crowns in our office with our Cerec system and cement them the same day, gives our patients peace of mind and time-savings, knowing that they leave with a natural-looking, permanent crown, rather than a temporary crown that may fall out and result in loss of time to come back and get it cemented back on. The longer a tooth is without a permanent crown, the more opportunity the bacteria have to infect the tooth and compromise the longevity of the tooth. The milled crowns are made with lithium disilicate ceramic, which is known for its strength and its ability to mimic a natural tooth. The crowns are then bonded, rather than cemented, to strengthen the underlying tooth.

John P. via Google

This was probably the first time I actually had a great dental experience. Dr. Rashid is kind and easy to talk to. I chose her as a dentist based on the reviews here, and I would have to agree with all of these positive recommendations. I had not been to the dentist in a few years, so I was a bit hesitant. I needed a deep cleaning and a check up. I had a deep cleaning in the past that was excruciatingly painful. This was not the case with Dr. Rashid. She took great care in making it as comfortable as possible with the least amount of pain. My last dentist was into high pressure sales, while Dr. Rashid was the opposite. She was honest about what I needed and did not recommend unnecessary procedures to maximize profits. Highly Recommended!!!


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