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Beautiful Smiles Dentistry Roseville CA Dr. Hana Rashid Smiling

Our Story

When my mother, Dr. Ibtisam Rashid, first opened her doors in 1998, she had always wanted her dental practice to be the place where patients can feel relaxed, knowing that they have a friend who just wants to help them with their smile. By treating one patient at a time, she had the opportunity to get to connect to our patients on a more personal level and in the process, we became family. Having grown up in the dental office, I knew that dentistry was my calling. I saw patients walking in with pain and walking out with a smile on their faces. I loved the stories that our patients would tell and I felt like I had traveled with them on their journeys in life. Once I became a dentist in 2010, I started working with the patients that I grew up with and now, I’m starting to treat their children! It is such a wonderful feeling when I can see a family go through all life’s experiences and be able to grow with them. One of my favorite things is setting time aside for just catching up with my patients about their day or a recent event or vacation they had. For a moment, we step outside of the mouth and enter happy thoughts! We love to have fun, just as a family should, and celebrate with our patients! We pride ourselves with maintaining a standard of excellence that promotes quality dental care customized to treating the whole person rather than just treating the disease process. Hence, we practice "wholistic" dentistry and seek to give you a whole new you!

In Health,

Dr. Hana Rashid

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