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Benefits Of Swishing With Hydrogen Peroxide

We all have that brown bottle tucked in one of our cabinets at home but did you know that right on the bottle, it says that it is an “Oral Debriding Agent?” It is an antiseptic that works as an oxygenating agent to produce those bubbles that form when applied to wounds, which remove the bacteria and help it heal faster. The bacteria in the mouth are no different; if you have gum disease or your gums bleed when flossing, there is an active wound that needs to be treated in your mouth. Rinsing with the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution daily for no longer than 1 minute will help treat gum disease, along with keeping up with your maintenance cleanings with us to really keep the bad bacteria controlled. Be careful not to rinse for too long, as it can burn the gums and temporarily turn some areas white (don’t worry, it goes away after a few minutes!). The stingy feeling you get while swishing is the bubbling being produced around the gums. You may, after trying the rinse for the first time, choose to dilute it if it is too strong. If that is the case, use equal parts of water and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Because the taste of the hydrogen peroxide is not refreshing, my routine is as follows: floss first, rinse with hydrogen peroxide for 1 minute then brush with a nice minty toothpaste to remove any residual unsavory taste.

If you have any questions or concerns about Hydrogen Peroxide, call Dr. Hana at 916-780-1955

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