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Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Professional teeth whitening helps thousands of people attain the beautifully bright smile they've often dreamed of. If you're wondering if  whitening is right for you, come to Beautiful Smiles Dentistry in Roseville, CA, for a teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Ibtisam Rashid or Dr. Hana Rashid. Both dentists supervise whitening treatments right in the office and can personally tell if you could benefit from this extremely popular cosmetic dentistry service.

Why have your teeth changed? 

Basically, time, aging, and general wear and tear will all gradually change, thin, and darken your tooth enamel. Also, what you put into your mouth can stain the calcified fibers which make up the outer layer of your tooth structure. Substances such as tobacco, coffee, tea, curry, and soy sauce may become embedded in enamel, particularly if oral hygiene is infrequent or poorly done.

Many people seek whiter smiles through store-bought products such as strips and toothpastes, and while these may help a bit, they often don't make a big impact. Plus, if applied incorrectly, whitening products can cause painful gum and tooth sensitivity. If you've ever experienced these conditions, you know how uncomfortable they are.

What you can do 

At Beautiful Smiles Dentistry, the dentists and their dedicated team evaluate patients for in-office teeth whitening. A complete oral exam tells both doctor and patient if teeth and gums are healthy. If they are, teeth whitening can proceed, and it only takes about an hour.

Here's how it works. Your dentist protects your lips and gums with a plastic dam. She applies a powerful hydrogen peroxide gel to all exposed tooth surfaces. The gel penetrates the enamel, is rinsed off and reapplied. When completed, teeth whitening improves tooth color by many shades, and the results last and last.

Your whitest smile 

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry praises in-office whitening because it does no harm to teeth or gums and it gives patients such a great boost in both confidence and appearance. Plus, professional teeth whitening is budget-friendly.

If you keep up good oral hygiene habits, watch your intake of dark beverages and foods, eliminate tobacco, and come to our Roseville office for your routine cleanings and examinations, your smile will shine for years. Additionally, Dr. Rashid offers ways to touch-up your whitening treatment at home, too.

Contact us 

At Beautiful Smiles Dentistry in Roseville, CA, Dr. Hana Rashid and Dr. Ibtisam Rashid offer the finest preventive, restorative, and cosmetic services around. Look good and feel wonderful with your best and healthiest smile. To come see us, phone for an appointment: (916) 780-1955.

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