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Is Activated Charcoal Safe To Use For Tooth Whitening?

Activated charcoal has been around and has been used in medicine to remove poisons from the body when accidentally ingested. It works by binding to the toxins and prevents them from being absorbed by the intestines. This is a commonly used in developing countries to remedy diarrhea and indigestion. It is also used in water filtration systems. Lately, however, it has become a popular home treatment for tooth whitening.

Because charcoal binds to toxins, it can be said that it should bind to tartar, bacteria and stains on teeth and gums and can make them whiter as the result. One must take care in noting that they are using activated charcoal (which contains oxygen) and not inactivated charcoal, which is more harmful to the body. It is hard to know which form of charcoal is used by each manufacturer so there will be risks involved. One big risk is that, since it is in a powder form, it can be accidentally aspirated into the lungs and can be fatal. The safest way to whiten teeth is to use a whitening system that is dentist-recommended and monitored and proven to show results. Regardless of what you decide to use for tooth whitening, please realize that it takes time and requires daily treatment for up to 2 weeks before you can begin to see any results and you must avoid smoking as well as food and drinks that stain teeth.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Hana at 916-780-1955 for advice.

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